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The most valuable of all commodities: Relationships

In an interconnected world, contacts are worth more than any currency. They allow you to stay in the sights of your target groups and communicate successfully – in B2B und B2C marketing as well as in the company processes themselves. We consider it our task to find points of contact and to be able to establish that contact. Only then will communication be able to function and help you achieve your objectives.

Reference example: start-up

The online language learning portal was established in 2011 and operates cross-media edutainment projects and platforms. By 2012, the new start-up had already become the official language trainer for the German Olympic team - a reference which in turn brings along new and interesting contacts. This shows how rapid success can be possible with targeted referrals and a thought-out strategy.

Papagei: The online language learning portal. Papagei: The online language learning portal.

Reference example: trade fair marketing

It now seems like the Berlin FashionWeek has been around forever. It was brought back to the capital from "exile" in Düsseldorf more than ten years ago. The längste Laufsteg der Welt longest catwalk in the world and "The Face", the biggest modelling competition in Europe at the time, among other things, made headlines. This success story only became possible with intelligently established interaction between international partners.

Fashion Gallery Berlin Berlin Messe Berlin

Reference example: event marketing

Major events offer the appropriate forum for establishing crucial contacts. With the experience of JPC, your success can also come quicker. We have assisted with international presentations of brands like Porsche, BMW and Philips. BILD brought the entire industry together at the Geneva Motor Show for the "Car of the Year" event - with our support, media production included. And at the relaunch of the Meggle brand, we helped put the slogan "I am a Gourmeggle" on everyone's lips.

Porsche BMW Philips Bild AutoBild Meggle